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With more core power and performance, and new capabilities for emerging technologies, it’s never been easier to design and create with SOLIDWORKS®, the design and development solution chosen by more than 3.1 million users worldwide. Here is a sampling of the new key features to help improve your workflow.

  • INNOVATE – New capabilities to help you incorporate emerging technologies
  • DESIGN – More core power and performance to get your job done faster
  • VALIDATE – Greater design ideas that lead to breakthrough innovations
  • COLLABORATE – Unlock any 3D model to work with SOLIDWORKS
  • BUILD & MANAGE – Data integration from concept to manufacturing to drive business needs

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Preview SOLIDWORKS 2017
Preview SOLIDWORKS 2017

The features highlighted on this website are just a small taste of the hundreds of enhancements and new features in SOLIDWORKS 2017. Don’t worry - local SOLIDWORKS resellers host launch events in a city near you where you can learn about all of the new capabilities we couldn’t fit here, including:

  • New innovative capabilities that address PCB design, electro-mechanical, IoT and more.
  • More core power and performance to unleash new possibilities.
  • Powerful validation and simulation capabilities for creating breakthrough designs.
  • Design workflows to remove barriers when working with third-party data.
  • Data integration from concept through manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS® 2017 introduces many new enhancements to Model Based Definition that help quickly and accurately communicate critical product information throughout downstream manufacturing operations. New features include:

  • Basic dimensions for features of size and fully automated Polar Dimensioning Schemes.
  • Much more intuitive dimensioning process by allowing direct referencing of edges.
  • Accurately dimension cast or molded parts to easily create intersection geometry between drafted surfaces.
  • Publish 3D PDFs at different accuracy levels, giving you control over file size and quality.
  • Attach any other file to the PDF, including automatic creation of STEP AP242 files for direct manufacturing.
  • Interrogate dimension and tolerance changes and produce a concise report to help eliminate interpretation errors.

Seamlessly synchronize electronic and mechanical design on demand with SOLIDWORKS® PCB that combines the electronics design expertise of Altium® with SOLIDWORKS ease of use. The SOLIDWORKS-style interface provides a unified environment for schematic and layout tools, allowing you to:

  • Select the best routing options based on design constraints with Interactive Routing, AutoRoute, Multi-Track, and Differential Pair.
  • Locate and select new components for informed decisions with real-time supplier data, including costing and availability.
  • Incorporate SOLIDWORKS models within the PCB Design environment and verify electro-mechanical design intent.
Modeling Power
Modeling Power

SOLIDWORKS® 2017 delivers even greater modeling power and performance that speed-up your design process. We listened and responded to your input with a better user experience, plus refined and improved technology, including new tools for Chamfer, Fillet, Advanced Hole specification, and more:

  • Create multiple variable chamfers in one simple operation with the enhanced Chamfer tool that now includes advanced options found in Fillet.
  • Switch any pre-existing Chamfer to a Fillet and vice versa to apply design changes in seconds.
  • Capture and access previous hole definitions and apply pre-saved specifications in an instant with Advanced Hole specification.
  • Construct stepped holes faster with one operation using Advanced Hole specification, eliminating the need for complex revolve cuts or multiple features.

SOLIDWORKS® 2017 removes obstacles to creating complex 3D geometry with powerful new surfacing features that save time and avoid complex workarounds. New features let you:

  • Create geometry on any surfaces, with improved wrap features.
  • Drag and drop features into place, then decide whether to wrap it as emboss, deboss, or just a 3D Curve.
  • Offset 3D Curve on a surface, and offset edges or complete faces.
  • Define a suitable offset value and use the new 3D Curve as a reference for other features.
Magnetic Mates
Magnetic Mates

SOLIDWORKS® 2017 introduces new and enhanced tools and workflows to answer the challenge of working with large assemblies due to the number of parts and sub-assemblies to load and the interactions to be solved. Additional features include, the ability to:

  • Easily organize equipment and space with new Magnetic Mates.
  • Publish parts and assemblies as assets with appropriate connection points for easy drag and drop mating.
  • Reposition models easily by un-snapping and re-snapping to new locations according to design needs.
  • Create super lightweight model version or Speedpak configuration, including published references.
SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017
SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2017

SOLIDWORKS® Simulation for 2017 speeds up the process to find creative breakthroughs for your products, giving you greater insight to your design and improving productivity. New tools include:

  • Input parameters and SOLIDWORKS 2017 Simulation Static Study automatically makes logical decisions.
  • Quickly identify Stress Hot Spots to investigate your model and setup further to verify your Simulation results.
  • Instantly Convert Studies from Linear Static to Non-Linear or Dynamic with a single click.
  • Clearly communicate your analysis using SOLIDWORKS RealView to display Simulation results.
SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect
SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect

3D Interconnect in SOLIDWORKS® 2017 delivers groundbreaking new capabilities for working with both neutral and native CAD data from various sources, unlocking powerful new workflows for you to collaborate with customers and vendors. You can now:

  • Maintain direct integration of native CAD files from PTC® Creo®, Autodesk® Inventor®, Siemens® NX, SolidEdge®, and CATIA®, and treat them like native components.
  • Avoid fixing errors or problems due to SOLIDWORKS awareness of all components in the native CAD files, like face and edge IDs.
  • Directly open imported files and treat them like Base Parts, so you can freely make design modifications without affecting the native file.
  • Update both part and assembly files as design changes take place with Update Model feature.

eDrawings® 2017 enables visualization of all types of product design data for simple and accurate collaboration. You can now:

  • View more native CAD formats, such as CATIA® V5 and Autodesk® Inventor®.
  • Manipulate geometry, markup, and measure CAD formats accurately, just like any other eDrawings file.
  • Give manufacturers the information they need to get their jobs done faster by supporting more neutral formats (such as 3DXML, IGES, OBJ, and STEP AP242) with 3D product manufacturing information from the original CAD system.
  • Gain easy access to product data anywhere with mobile apps for both Android® and iOS® devices.
  • Add 3D reality to design views with Google® Cardboard.

SOLIDWORKS® PDM for 2017 helps you get design data under control and ensure that everyone always has the right version to substantially improve the way teams manage and collaborate on design. New features include:

  • Enhanced support for SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition) with ability to auto generate 3D PDFs.
  • 3D Interconnect, supports native CAD files imported from Autodesk® Inventor®, PTC® Creo®, Siemens® NX, SolidEdge®, and CATIA®, while preserving the assembly structure.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault lists native CAD files in the check-in structure and keeps track of where they are used.
  • Provides option to overwrite versions to minimize clutter in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault.


“In an age of unparalleled innovation, collaboration and design, all three need to start somewhere, sometime, somehow. That place is here. That time is now. And the how is with the SOLIDWORKS innovation portfolio. We provide you with the flexibility, choice, and simplicity of the greatest design technologies to enable you to drive innovation.”

– Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO SOLIDWORKS, Dassault Systèmes.

Watch the SOLIDWORKS 2017 Live Launch Event
September 20 2016 5:00 am

Learn how the SOLIDWORKS 2017 ecosystem can help you drive innovation and create breakthrough designs. Register to watch the SOLIDWORKS 2017 live launch event on September 20, 2016 and get exclusive access to the following:

  • Hear CEO Gian Paolo Bassi discuss SOLIDWORKS' vision for product and technology strategies that will transform the way products are designed, manufactured and supported.
  • SOLIDWORKS Senior Executives will give updates on new product development initiatives, strategic partnerships, community engagement and education programs.
  • Passionate customers will show how they use SOLIDWORKS to overcome extreme challenges and make the world a better place to live.


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